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The popular family-centric area of Kata is positioned on the West coast of Phuket. Here at buyphuketcondos.com we have a fantastic range of Kata apartments for sale in this top Phuket tourist area. We are offering a great opportunity for you to buy Kata condos in this amazing beachy location. The town is situated a short 45-minute drive from the airport – you can be amongst the hustle and bustle in under an hour, but it’s location is perfect if you wish to escape for a more serene experience.

If you are looking to buy Kata condos or apartments, please browse through the listing below. We’re sure you’ll find something to suit your needs and when you do, feel free to contact us. Kata is a scenic area which is lined on both sides by rolling hills. The bay has outstanding beaches with an excellent view of Pu Island which sits off its shores. There is somewhat of a village feel to Kata if you travel to the northernmost and southernmost areas of the town, whilst the central area retains a more touristy feel which makes it perfect for families looking to buy Kata condos.

There are two main beaches in Kata – Kata beach and Kata Noi beach. These beaches are perfect for swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling, as well as relaxing in the sun or the shade with a book and an ice-cold drink. In fact, there are a great many beach activities which can be undertaken here in Kata. Surfing can be enjoyed when surfing season is upon us, otherwise there is a Jurassic-themed mini golf and plenty of spas and massage boutiques.

The local market, which opens every Thursday, is ideal for tourists and locals alike. The stalls and shops have numerous local wares for you to sample such as delicious fish and fragrant herbs and spices which grow locally.

If you venture into the jungle area one attraction worth seeking out is the jungle sauna. This is situated remotely and so is a perfect place to come and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the town. The charming, somewhat antiquated little sauna has a water boiler which is fully constructed from copper and is not dissimilar to a kettle of sorts. Occasionally tree bark will be mixed in with the hot water to create a soothing menthol vapour.

If you are looking to buy Kata condos then you can rest assured that you will be making a great investment with buyphuketcondos.com. Kata is one of the top tourist areas in Phuket, meaning that you could quite easily rent out your condo to holiday-makers when you aren’t making use of it yourself.

Despite the fact that the average price per square metre on new developments in Kata is amongst some of the highest on the island, you can take solace in the fact that you are investing in an incredibly vibrant area of Phuket with numerous opportunities to turn your condo into an investment with return.

The living in Kata is also very convenient. Access to the southern parts of the island is incredibly easy from here so you can enjoy a wider area of Phuket with Kata as your base.

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