Phuket High Season

The High Season in Phuket has just begun, and with it has come sapphire-blue skies, warm weather and beautiful sunny days.

The high season here on Phuket lasts between the beginning of November and the end of February. This time of year has the least rainfall, and so is perfect for tourists to come and visit the beautiful island and relax in paradise.

The temperatures at this time of year aren’t excessively hot either which means you’ll not only be relaxed, but you’ll be comfortable as well! Humidity is also low, meaning your luxury break here on Phuket will be just about perfect.

It should be noted that given the fact that we are at the tail end of the rainy season, the start of November can still be a little rainy. This doesn’t last for long though and by mid-November visitors can enjoy the idyllic weather on Phuket.

Tourist numbers start to increase during high season. The towns won’t be crowded however – at least not during late November –  you will simply be able to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the towns as they start to become a little livelier. During November you can also witness the wonderful Loy Krathong festival. During this festival thousands of small lanterns – known locally as Khom Loi –  will be released over the sea which is truly a spectacle to behold.

If you plan on coming in December, then you will be treated to Phuket’s nightlife in full swing. This is when Phuket starts to get really busy and you will certainly start noticing the increase in tourists in the busier areas. Thailand is mainly a Buddhist country. However, that doesn’t mean that the Thai people don’t celebrate Christmas. The tourist areas will be decorated in a traditional western style, and turkey will even be served on Christmas day!

The exciting merrymaking continues throughout December until we hit New Year. At this point you’ll get a real idea of just how much local Thai people love to party. New Year is celebrated with a great deal of passion – the local nightlife areas will be filled with throngs of revellers partying the night away. Make sure you visit Patong Beach if you come at New Year because the fireworks displays are outstanding.

January brings the start of scuba season as rainfall is at its lowest during this time of year. Obviously this makes it very popular with tourists and certain areas can become very crowded – Patong Beach is a perfect example of this. However, if you wish to have some peace and quiet then this is still possible. Try visiting Kata Beach instead, or head to the tranquillity of the Laguna Lakes.

February marks the end of high season. Nightlife will be very busy, and the Chinese New Year festival will also be celebrated, so this month is also incredibly popular with tourists.

You’re best to book your flights and accommodation early if you plan to visit Phuket during high season so that you can avoid disappointment.

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